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A list of a few characters who have yet to appear in game or through gacha (Kirito, Leib, Mineaki, Blake, Tetsuya, and Christine's old sprite). Most of them are now available.

Almost all of these characters were found through datamining, appearing through Daily Quests or Main Quests, somewhat hidden on the main site, or through the beside mysterious chart that floated around 2ch.

Characters who appeared through a quest's battle have their full portraits accessible through charge animations (as in, when one of your transients activate their charge skill), or through the aforementioned mysterious chart, but at a quality hit.


While these are not characters, I feel this can be of note for the near future; a guide for what has popped up but may seem scrapped would be of use.

Heal Up

These assets were extracted through the Unity cache; it's unknown what they could possibly be for, as there's four tiers based on the given filenames, the fact that HP Seeds already exist, health doesn't persist over battles, skills already exist to heal units, and there's no tiers for pre-battle items (and they don't exist outside of events). If they're indeed scrapped assets, they shouldn't have popped up now in the Unity cache.


Leib also appeared randomly through the Unity cache with an alternate icon. Whether this icon was used in the re-release of the Character Quest Campaign quest he thumbnailed or not was not noted, so it could be just that. Although, it's rather odd for both of his icons to pop up in the Unity cache.

Heal, Gun, (and Cure)

These assets have existed since the beginning of the game's launch, available through datamining the .apk itself, rather than the Unity cache. Their existence isn't really noted, but the fact that Heal still exists in the far later releases of the game, and Gun only existing as an icon (while Heal has the whole shebang) are both noteworthy.

Cure also exists as a weapon type, but much like gun, it only has a weapon icon; unfortunately, Cure's icon remains as a white question mark (which contrast's "longslash"'s gray question mark).

Color Blind Alternative Icons

Also odd is that these are the only icons for Seeds and XP Stars to exist within the .apk itself; the regular versions of these assets still exist normally in cache. It can be speculated that these are "color blind" alternatives to the existing icons, but they clearly exist already.

Card Synthesis

These exist in the .apk, alongside the Traditional/Simplified Chinese translations, but not the original Japanese. From what menus we have available, this label doesn't appear anywhere throughout the game. "Synthesis" was mentioned before with the following game tip: [Breakthrough] By synthesizing certain items obtained in the game, cards can undergo up to 3 Breakthroughs. [...]. Again, what this entails is unknown, but it's rather odd these only exist as translated labels, so knowing what it actually means is unknown. It can be (literally) speculated that this means card creation rather than the other manners of obtaining units (quest drops and gacha pulls). Note: units are referred to as cards both natively in news posts and in English in existing menus. However, as item acquisition is referred to as "synthesizing [...] items", this can be easily dismissed as unit drops.

Voice Lines

Naturally, Love Quest lines have been available for quite a while, well before they were announced as a feature. However, some units managed to slip their way in with their voice lines, such as Kirito (turn, gacha, gacha_b, battleWin, and attack) and Tetsuya (gacha), and even Salomon-kun (pv2, battleStart1). Given the mysterious nature of pre-downloading the Unity cache, it's odd that these units, both of who's relevance has been months and months ago, are available.


  • 24 regions are present; most of them are marked closed with an unobtainable trigger quest.
  • Sharing a similar root as Skill Quests (Skill Evolution), the region marker for Charge Skill Quests (CS進化) is marked open, but out of bounds.


Typically this section will remain unused, as units are pumped out quickly after announcement now, unlike before. No transients found that satisfy the search criteria.


These units appeared through other means, be it through quests, datamining, or through VN portions.

In Game, Used

Named But Not Confirmed
☆3 Mineaki 3star icon.png
Tetsuya 3star icon.png
Leib 3star icon.png
Kirito 3star icon.png
Blake 3star icon.png
Mineaki 4star icon.png
Tetsuya 4star icon.png
Leib 4star icon.png
Kirito 4star icon.png
Blake 4star icon.png
Name confirmed through pre-battle dialogue and datamining.
Name confirmed through datamining.
Name confirmed through datamining. Proper name further confirmed through mentioning in the 2018 Oriental New Year event, although he may be another case of Tuatgua/Tsathoggua.
Name confirmed through the main site.
Name confirmed through datamining.

In VN, not in-game

However, these units explicitly appeared through the VN portion in some manner, hence the partial icons, full sprites, and information. These are classified as "not in-game" since they explicitly do not appear in the (real) game portion. Assets (names, icons, sprites) are gleaned from less-accurate sources, such as expression atlases and in-game screenshots, rather than actual asset extraction that doesn't require laborious stitching or grain extract and subtract.

Named, Not Confirmed, And Lacking Real Icons
☆? Ose 3star partial icon.png
Surtr 3star partial icon.png
Azathoth 3star partial icon.png
These units only possess a full texture atlas. Any icons are just rough estimates created through their atlas provided during the VN portion they appear in.


These units appeared through other means, but given what we know, they're unlikely to be obtainable.

☆? Salomon-kun 0star icon.png
Kyouma 0star icon.png
Yog-Sothoth 5star icon.png
Thor 5star icon.png
Fisher 5star icon.png
Dagon icon.png
Yukimura 5star icon.png
Given he only has his higher rarity assets available, he's marked as unlikely to be obtainable.

Promotional Teasers

These units appear through promotional teasers.

Twitter-951060120519114752-DTLYGK0VwAEYa6e.jpg Twitter-986067454806843392-Da83HCwVMAEOh5t.jpg
Twitter-986067454806843392-Da83HCwVMAAod3N.jpg Twitter-1027846859241517056-DkOc4pAU4AIiwsi.jpg


Below is a list of units that are defined on the wiki, but have been marked as either 'Unobtainable' or 'Unavailable'.

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6 months ago
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Azathoth deserves that unit spot, come on Lifewonders you gotta give it to him.

Best Lovecraft horror design in this by faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar.

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Ose, the Governors, Black Typhoon, Lieb (Rave) need to be added. I need to see Rave X Cusith or I'm gonna lose my cool
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