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These series of quests will focus around the strengthening of individual skills, improving activation rates and/or effects. However, like everything else, there's specific conditions that have to be met, and apply:

  • before starting the quest, set your leader to the unit who has the skill in question. As an example, Protagonist would have to be the very first unit (leader) in your party. For skills with multiple evolutions, you must complete them serially to unlock the next skill quest for the next skill evolution.
  • afterwards, these quests can't be redone with the same individual unit.
  • however, different variants and rarities can be redone, because:
  • finally, these improvements only apply to the individual unit; the quest would have to be redone if you, for example (if Beastman ever did get a fix), want your Moritaka ☆5 to also have the improvement you just did with Moritaka ☆4.

See Skill Evolution for more information about Skill Evolution. Follow this external link for official documentation. For information on the Quest battles, see Skill Quest/Quest Details

Volume Release period Name of Skill Quest Pre-evo skill Post-evo skill
1 April 2018
Skill Quest release campaign
Castaway Challenge Drifter Drifter+
Guardian Challenge Guardian Guardian+
Mentor Challenge Mentor Mentor+
Starshine Challenge Starshine Starshine+
Swimmer's Challenge Swimmer Swimmer+
Island Guardian Challenge Island Guardian Island Guardian+
Child Challenge Child Child+
Grandstander Challenge Grandstander Grandstander+
2 August 2018
Seaside Summer School with You (2018 Re-Release)
Soul Shooter Challenge Soul Shooter Soul Shooter+
Avenger Challenge Avenger Avenger+
Sprouter Challenge Sprouter Sprouter+
Archangel of the Moon Challenge Archangel of the Moon Archangel of the Moon+
3 March 2019
2019 New school year campaign
「恋焦がれる者」の挑戦 The Lovesick The Lovesick+
「聖痕を徴す者」の挑戦 Stigma Brander Stigma Brander+
「医学の徒」の挑戦 Medical Practitioner Medical Practitioner+
「獣を追う者」の挑戦 Beast Hunter Beast Hunter+
「瞬間移動者」の挑戦 Blink Jumper Blink Jumper+
「鉄の技術者」の挑戦 Iron Artisan Iron Artisan+
「武士たる者」の挑戦 Samurai Warrior Samurai Warrior+
「叡智を敷く者」の挑戦 Fount of Wisdom Fount of Wisdom+
「病を与う者」の挑戦 Disease Carrier Disease Carrier+
「転生の始竜」の挑戦 Primordial Wyrm Reincarnate Primordial Wyrm Reincarnate+
4 May 2019
Black Snow on the Hot Spring Mountains (2019 Re-Release)
「凍み氷る者」の挑戦 Mountain Moghul Mountain Moghul+
「無窮に挑む者」の挑戦 The Frozen The Frozen+
「棄てられし者」の挑戦 Infinite Challenger Infinite Challenger+
「不幸を嘆く者」の挑戦 The Misfortunate The Misfortunate+
「山を治める者」の挑戦 The Forsaken The Forsaken+
5 June 2019
Raiders of the Lost Isle (2019 Re-Release)
Earth Eater Challenge Earth Eater Earth Eater+
Wave Bender Challenge Wave Bender Wave Bender+
Chance Hitter Challenge Chance Hitter Chance Hitter+
6 August 2019
Embark! Summer Ocean Adventure (2019 Re-Release)
Sea-favored Challenge Sea-favored Sea-favored+
Devourer of Worlds Challenge Devourer of Worlds Devourer of Worlds+
Battlefield Rigger Challenge Battlefield Rigger Battlefield Rigger+
Avenger+ Challenge Avenger+ Avenger++
Binder Challenge Binder Binder+
Savior Challenge Savior Savior+
7 September 2019
I Ain't Scared a No Halloween! (2019 Re-Release)
Lord of the Graveyard Challenge Lord of the Graveyard Lord of the Graveyard+
Graveyard Lurker Challenge Graveyard Lurker Graveyard Lurker+
Sower of Plenty Challenge Sower of Plenty Sower of Plenty+
8 October 2019
Inter-event period (wave for other localized events that were previously skipped for skill evos)
「空を駆ける者」の挑戦 Sky Dasher Sky Dasher+
「硬翼の鷲獅子」の挑戦 Tough-Winged Griffon Tough-Winged Griffon+
「料理人」の挑戦 Cook Cook+
「浜辺の人気者」の挑戦 Beach Babe Beach Babe+
「武芸の練達者」の挑戦 Martial Arts Master Martial Arts Master+
「熱狂の皇帝」の挑戦 Emperor of Zealots Emperor of Zealots+