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JP Name 矢面の先導者
Trigger timing After Receiving Damage
Effect Gives CP and applies Fighting Spirit to Self, and all allies 2 squares behind the user.
Proc Chance 20%

Companions with Vanguard

Icon NameRarityEnergyWeapon typeBase skill (Def.)Base skill (LB1)Base skill (LB2)Base skill (LB3)
Zaou 4star icon.png Zao 4WoodThrustMountain Dweller Vanguard Adamantite Mountain Conquerer
Jinn 3star icon.png Jinn 3FireSlashGourmand Vanguard Mentor The Hot-Blooded
Horkeu Kamui 5star icon.png Horkeu Kamui 5ValiantSlashIce Breaker Vanguard Mountain Dweller 拵に宿れる者
Jinn 5star icon.png Jinn 5FireMagicGourmand Vanguard Shape Shifter Hot-Blooded Teacher
Horkeukamui 3star icon.png Horkeu Kamui 3WaterBlowMountain Dweller Beastman Vanguard Sidekick
Horkeukamui 4star icon.png Horkeu Kamui 4WaterBlowMountain Dweller Beastman Vanguard Sidekick
Zaou 3star icon.png Zao 3WoodBlowMountain Dweller Vanguard Adamantite Mountain Conquerer


This skills affects the user AND allies within 2 squares behind. In other words, this skill can buff up to 3 units at once.