Lucky Cat

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[Golden Beckoner]  Aether Lucky Cat
Weapon Spread Blow.png
Species Beast Descendant Gender Male
Rarity 1 Cost 2
HP 25+60.969*(Lv-1) ATK 10+5*(Lv-1)
Wealth Bringer [Victory] Additional Coin (+2%) to self / 100%
Fortune Dealer [After Moving] Apply Icon status bless.png Blessing to allies at target, directly adjacent. / 40%
Sacrifice [After Receiving Damage] +8~16 CP to allies at target, directly adjacent. / 35%
Blood of the Beast [After Moving] Apply Icon status hard.png Tenacity to self / 50%
Luck Bringer
+200~400 HP to self, allies at target, 1 squares away + +5~10 CP to self, allies at target, 1 squares away Weapon Spread Magic.png
Illustration BomBom
Scenario ――
Voice ――
Relation From Others To Others

Research File

Affiliation: ???
Official English
Being accompanied by these cats is said to bring good fortune but they are rare, and possess fickle personalities and free spirits. They are rumored to been seen occasionally in Asakusa. By an extremely rare occurrence, they have tied their fate to yours and decided to accompany you though they are extremly weak and not fit for battle. They are known for a story in wich one of their brethren sacrificed itself to save its impoverished master.
Translated from Japanese
Official Japanese