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[(Thor敵専用)]  Thor
Weapon Spread Thrust.png
Species Exception Gender Male
HP 800 (+93.867 per level) ATK 480 (+46.133 per level)
Dragon Slayer [Special Attack] Deals additional damage against enemies with Dragonborn / 100%
Berserker [After Receiving Damage] +8~16 CP to self / 30%
Fearless [During Status Ailment] Remove Icon status feared.png Fear from self / 50%
Oni Brethren [Phase Start] Apply Icon status power.png Brawn to self / 50%
Woven Imperial Thunder
Apply Icon status attackup.png ATK Up to self Weapon Spread Blow.png
Illustration BomBom
Scenario ――
Voice ――
Affiliation: ?????
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