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Transient Information

[?]  Yukimura
Weapon Spread Long Slash.png
Rarity 5 Cost 24
HP 800+93.867*(Lv-1) ATK 480+46.133*(Lv-1)
HP @ Lv 70 7276.823 ATK @ Lv 70 3663.177
Max HP 9215.493 Max ATK 5124.507
蹂躙する者敵専用 [After Attacking] Apply Icon status daunt.png Oppression to enemies at target. + Apply Icon status none.png Blowback (1 square) to enemies at target. / 32%
Oni Brethren [Phase Start] Apply Icon status power.png Brawn to self / 50%
Berserker [After Receiving Damage] +8~16 CP to self / 30%
Ender [After Attacking] Apply Icon status doublesealed.png Double Lock to enemies at target. / 45%
Memories of Crimson EarthshakerOrphaned Fangs
Apply Icon status removestrengthenall.png Remove all buffs to enemies at target. Weapon Spread Thrust.png
Illustration Usamochi Daihuku
Scenario ――
Voice ――
Species Exception
Gender Male
Gate Wa no Kuni

Research Files

Affiliation: ?????
Translated from Japanese
Official Japanese

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No. 2157
5 months ago
Score 0++
How to beat this guy in Ch 8? The buff remover is really annoying
No. 1239
9 months ago
Score 0++
Fuck this asshole in particular.
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