Hot Springs Slime

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Hot Springs Slime icon.png
[Hot Spring Slime]  Hot Springs Slime
Weapon Spread Blow.png
Hot Springs Slime full.png
Gender None
HP 1+0*(Lv-1) ATK 1+0*(Lv-1)
Hot Spring Enthusiast (enemy ability) [When Receiving Damage] Apply Icon status onsen.png Hot Springs + +50~100 CP to allies, enemies at target, 1 squares away / 100%
Cook [After Moving] +100~200 HP to self, allies at target, directly adjacent. / 60%
Amorphous Lifeform [After Receiving Damage] Apply Icon status regenerate.png Regeneration to self / 42%
Gourmand [Phase Start] +350~700 HP to self / 60%
Charge Knock-back
Apply Icon status defenceup.png DEF Up to self Weapon Spread Blow.png
Illustration BomBom
Scenario ――
Voice ――
Affiliation: (Undiscovered)
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