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== Notes ==
== Notes ==
*The CS is Shooting Cross: Brilliant Adaptability.

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Shooting Stars
効果1Increases HP by 100~200
効果2Increases ATK by 300~600
風雲之輝シューティング・クロスNo additional CS effects
[Start of Turn] Apply Icon status protect.png Combo to self / 10%
[Special Attack] Icon status avoid.png Evasion (x10000%) / 100%
0.55x ATK penaltyThrust
0.45x ATK penaltyShot
Translated from Japanese
“Having fun, Bathym?”

“I'm having a blast, Ikucchi!"

Two popular Rankers, among the best the Ikebukuro Colosseum has to offer. There is something in common between these two who dance gracefully in combat and brilliantly defeat the enemy. Both seek approval more than anything else. To be stronger, to be faster, to be praised for shining more vividly than anyone else. Most of all, they yearn to be seen by one, most important person. That way of life, in the eyes of others is like a shooting star; brilliant, but ephemeral. Both of them must “continue to show that they are the best”. If you don't continue to hone your potential, you will dance on the palm of the “stage director”, one of the eight dogs, and disappear like dust in the wind.

Official Japanese
「あのバトルは楽しかったよ ね、バティムさん?」

「サイコーに盛り上げちゃったねぇ、イクっち!」 共に、池袋地下格闘場でも有数の、人気ランカー。 宙を舞い、華麗に敵を打ちのめす2人の間には、それ以前の共通点がある。 彼らは共に、何よりも強い承認を求める。 より強く、より速く――より鮮烈に輝いたと、称賛を求める。 そして、叶うならば――自分の眼差しの上に在る者からの、それを求めている。 他人の目には刹那的にすら映るであろうその生き様は、まるで宙を流れる星のように。 両者は共に「己が誰よりも優れていることを常に見せ続けなければならない」。 その先の可能性を示せなくば、八犬士の1人たる「舞台演出家」の掌の上で舞い、塵と消えゆく定め。


Event Line
Profile Ikutoshi: Having fun, Bathym?
Bathym: I'm having a blast, Ikucchi!
Charge Ikutoshi: Are you ready, Bathym-san?
Bathym: I'm OK when you are, Ikucchi!
Unison: Finishing Move: Shooting Cross!


  • The CS is Shooting Cross: Brilliant Adaptability.
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it's his tail
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Whats the thing with baythm's ass though?
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so this "stage director" is one of Moritaka brothers ?
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