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Below is a list of additional Housamo-related resources with a short description. Additionally, you can leave suggestions in the comments section below.

Additional Resources
Name Description An externally handled Drive of additional resources from a member of the Discord. Hosts the User IDs in a convenient manner, as well as other neat tools. community Discord A very active community Discord server. Please read the disclaimers. A very inactive image board. /housamo/ has occasional threads, while /art/ receives some art-related posts. A from-scratch recreation of Housamo's VN portion. Playable, but not complete. A from-scratch recreation of Housamo's card viewer. It'll list every card it's currently programmed with. A proof of concept battle log replay player. Only works for what the server (the server) has retrieved privately. A collection of all the utilities above. Comes with a My Guild recreation too. A standalone Electron-based client for Windows is available here. This client may ask for network connectivity. You can either accept or reject access. There's no advantage to using this over the in-browser version, as they're functionally equivalent.


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