Love Trapper

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Love Trapper
JP Name 愛を囚う者
Trigger timing After Attacking
Effect Apply Icon status chained.png Bind to enemies at target.
Proc Chance 26%

Love Trapper
JP Name 愛を囚う者
Trigger timing Special Status Attack
Effect Deals additional damage against enemies with Icon status chained.png Bind (x150%)
Proc Chance 100%
This is an additional effect

Companions with Love Trapper

Icon NameRarityEnergyWeapon typeBase skill (Def.)Base skill (LB1)Base skill (LB2)Base skill (LB3)
Tadatomo (Valentine)4NetherShotLove Trapper The Lovesick Spiritual Dog Warrior Reincarnate
Hakumen (Valentine)4AetherShotLove Trapper Soul Shooter Ruler Cajoler
Aizen 3FireSlashGreed Gatherer Love Trapper Adamantite Impregnable Fortress
Aizen 5FireShotGreed Gatherer Love Trapper Adamantite Iron Fist of Discipline