Rise to Full Height

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Glory Seeker
JP Name 高みを目指す者
Trigger timing Phase Start
Effect Apply Icon status rise.png Arousal to self, allies at target, directly adjacent.
Proc Chance 65%
Glory Seeker
JP Name 高みを目指す者
Trigger timing Special Attack
Effect Deals additional damage against enemies with Athlete
Proc Chance 100%
This is an additional effect

Companions with 高みを目指す者

Icon NameRarityEnergyWeapon typeBase HPBase ATKBase skill (Def.)Base skill (LB1)Base skill (LB2)Base skill (LB3)Charge skill
Shuten (Gendarme)4AetherSlash758521Glory Seeker Willful One Oni Brethren King of the Four HeavensWeapon Spread Long Slash.pngOoeyamanoshiki?
Ikutoshi (Gendarme)4FireSlash820410Glory Seeker Driving Force Starshine Shape ShifterWeapon Spread Magic.pngDwarven Changeling?