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This article is about the Guild function in the App. For the article on existing Guilds, see Catalog:Guilds.

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Upon completing Chapter 4 of the Main Quest, My Guild functionality will be unlocked. From here, you can receive Rank Rewards, also, you can do mundane and trivial tasks such as:

  • changing what your room looks like by selecting the background, displayed furnitures and adding an HUD.
  • dress up units you own (Changing a character expression and displaying an alternative skin if the character has one)

You can acquire furniture through the event Item Exchanges (such as the ones during major events), or reaching a certain Guild Rank.

  • you can display up to 2 units in your room; positioning of them can be done freely, and higher rarity units can also be displayed if you possess them.


See: My Guild items

The room can be freely remodeled using items obtained through Guild Rank Up rewards or event Item Exchanges. Aside from the background, you may choose to display up to three items in different positions, as well as an image frame. Stickers may also be placed, as of version 4.1.0.

BGM Player

Starting from version 3.6.0, LW included a music player. Below is a list of tracks.

Intro Loop JP Name EN Name
bgm_main 黄昏の放課後 After School Twilight
bgm_home_intro bgm_home Time Lapse Time Lapse
bgm_mystery2_intro bgm_mystery2 時と空の果てる場所 Where Time and Space End
bgm_lonely2_intro bgm_lonely2 今は哀しみの風に In the Winds of Sorrow
bgm_elegy Indigo Rain Indigo Rain
bgm_tense バーサス・スクール Vs. School
bgm_hero2 ユース・オブ・デスペラード Young Desperados
bgm_battle_intro bgm_battle Speed & Shot Fast Shooter
bgm_boss2 立ちはだかる者 The One Who Stands in the Way
bgm_gacha 罪人は荒野を征く Sinner Walks the Wasteland
bgm_idol2 アーク・アイドル・ナンバーワン Number One Idol Arc
bgm_tap2 TAP'n JOKER Tap'n Joker
bgm_salomon2_intro bgm_salomon2_loop サロモンくんのテーマ Salomon's Theme
bgm_agreement2_intro bgm_agreement2 言の葉の翼 Words Have Wings
bgm_love_intro bgm_love 思えばただ青き日々よ Looking Back on a Blossom of Youth
bgm_xmas_intro2 bgm_xmas_loop 見習いサンタの贈り物 Gift From An Apprentice Santa
bgm_holy_intro bgm_holy 教条の街にて Town of Dogma
bgm_battle_proud_intro bgm_battle_proud 伝道者の戦い Preacher's Battle
bgm_battle_crisis_intro bgm_battle_crisis 炎の旅路へ Toward the Blazing Path
bgm_casino カジノ・イン・トーキョー Casino in Tokyo
bgm_hakumen 電脳いとをかし The Wonder of Computers
bgm_casino_battle_intro bgm_casino_battle Gambling Inferno Gambling Inferno
bgm_battle_noble_intro bgm_battle_noble Fragrance for uptown Urban Fragrance
bgm_battle_noble_boss_intro bgm_battle_noble_boss 立ち塞がる壁 Walls Stand Tall
bgm_benten_intro bgm_benten 東京ロマンチック Times New Tokyo
bgm_seaboss Deep Sea Deep Sea
bgm_beach_intro bgm_beach ひと夏の冒険へ A Summer Journey
bgm_halloween ハロウィンなんてこわくない! I Ain't Scared of No Ghost
bgm_battle_halloween Graveyard Adventurers Graveyard Adventurers
bgm_island 秘島探険隊のテーマ Theme of the Island Explorers
bgm_island_battle_intro bgm_island_battle Battle in Jungle Battling in the Jungle
bgm_xmas_battle2_intro bgm_xmas_battle2 聖夜のNEW HERO The New Hero of Christmas
bgm_newyear_battle_intro bgm_newyear_battle オリエント・ニューイヤー Oriental New Years
bgm_cult ジェノサイダーズ The Genociders
bgm_battle_cult_intro bgm_battle_cult 奪還 Reclaim
bgm_battle_jeanne_intro bgm_battle_jeanne 血縁と、結縁と Blood Ties and Spiritual Connections
bgm_battle_fear_intro bgm_battle_fear 終わりゆく都市を駆けて Flight Through the Damned City
bgm_escape_intro bgm_escape 流星 ~逆転の決断~ Shooting Stars -Decision of a Counterstrike-
bgm_valentine_intro bgm_valentine バレンタイン・ジェイル! Valentine's Jail!
bgm_mountain 遙かなるジャンダルム O’ the Great Gendarme
bgm_battle_mountain_intro bgm_battle_mountain 山嶺より願いを込めて From the Mountaintop with Love
bgm_struggle いざや楽しき祭りの日 Let's Go, It's a Festival Day!
bgm_battle_festival_intro bgm_battle_festival 仁義なき夏祭大抗争! Clash of Floats
bgm_journey_intro bgm_journey_loop Long Long Journey Long Long Journey
bgm_battle_journey_intro bgm_battle_journey デザート☆ジャーニー Desert Journey
bgm_seabreeze Chill out Bossa Chill Out Bossa
bgm_buzzledreamers_intro bgm_buzzledreamers Improvisation Battle (Club Mix) Improv. Battle (Club Mix)
bgm_celtic Days of Yggdrasil Days of Yggdrasil
bgm_celtxmas_intro bgm_celtxmas Celtic Night Rhapsody Celtic Night Rhapsody
bgm_battle_xmasrace_intro bgm_battle_xmasrace Hoof Tracks Hoof Tracks
bgm_boss_xmasrace_intro bgm_boss_xmasrace December sprint December Goes By Quickly
bgm_newyear2019_intro bgm_newyear2019 Year of the Boar Year of the Pig
bgm_battle_newyear2019_intro bgm_battle_newyear2019 Dog & Cat お正月狂騒曲 New Years Extravaganza
bgm_nostalgia Long shadow pastoral Long Shadow Pastoral
bgm_battle_setsubun_intro bgm_battle_setsubun 風雪と巌 ~鬼伝説~ Blizzard and Rocks -Legend of the Ogre-
bgm_valentinefesta_intro bgm_valentinefesta Sweets Buffet Sweet Buffet
bgm_battle_lovepop Take a plunge Take a Plunge
bgm_street_intro bgm_street Break’n’Knock Break’n’Knock
bgm_hiphop_intro bgm_hiphop Silver Funk Silver Funk
bgm_battle_hiphop_intro bgm_battle_hiphop Freakie-Boogie Junction Freakie-Boogie Junction
bgm_library_intro bgm_library 深淵への旅立ち Into the Abyss
bgm_battle_library_intro bgm_battle_library Beautiful Chaos Beautiful Chaos
bgm_tsukuyomi_intro bgm_tsukuyomi Xenia Cruise Xenia Cruise
bgm_crafters_intro bgm_crafters the Crafters the Crafters
bgm_warmongers_intro bgm_warmongers 撃鉄と硝煙のバラード Ballad of Smoke and Gunfire
bgm_detective_intro bgm_detective 解析せし者 The Analyst
bgm_strategy_intro bgm_strategy a Piece of Operation Operational Phase
bgm_summer 東京サモナーズコレクション Tokyo Summoners Collection
bgm_battle_fashion Mode : Pret-a-porter Side Mode: Pret-a-porter Side
bgm_battle_runway Mode : Haute Couture Side Mode: Haute Couture Side