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Current and Upcoming Events and Updates

Distant Gendarme

Duration May 2nd, 2018 @ 20:00 -> May 23rd, 2018 @ 23:59
Gacha Duration May 1st, 2018 @ 18:00 -> May 30th, 2018 @ 23:59
Energy Bar Increase Mountain Jelly
Mountain Conquerer
+10% Mountain Dweller
Rise to Full Height
Wielder of Adamantite
+20% Driver
- +30% Hiker

2018mountain.png 2018mountainb.png

Following on their reprinting of other Event Shop units in a whole new event (Yule and Sitri), LifeWonders will hold a new event to allow players to get Zao.
For this event:

  • Another event shop where you can exchanged Energy Bars and Mountain Jelly for Limit Break materials and Boosts for both WOOD and SHADOW as well as Coins and Lil' Salomon Tickets. It's noted that Energy Bars are for Limit Break materials and Mountain Jelly are for Skill enhancements.
  • Formations can play a huge role in battles; before starting a quest, you can select a specific party formation. By arranging your units in the selected formation, additional effects can apply.
  • New buff: Limit, that increases damage as HP approaches zero.
  • A reprint of Hot Springs bonus quests
  • A gacha introducing ☆5 Zao 5star icon.png Zao , a new SHADOW unit: Durga 3star icon.png Durga , and two new limited ☆4 variants: Ikutoshi 3star icon.png Ikutoshi and Shuten 3star icon.png Shuten .
  • A very vague mention of a "Time-Limited Special Quest".
  • Ikutoshi 3star icon.png Ikutoshi , Shuten 3star icon.png Shuten , Ibaraki 3star icon.png Ibaraki , Ashigara 3star icon.png Ashigara , Chernobog 3star icon.png Chernobog , Kagutsuchi 3star icon.png Kagutsuchi , Kyuuma 3star icon.png Kyuma and Gunzou 3star icon.png Gunzou will all be getting skins for their ☆3 versions. These units will also receive a rate-up in the gacha, as they have event-relevant skills.

Skill Progression Quest Campaign

Duration April 18th, 2018, permanently

1804スキル強化-お知らせ.png 1804スキル強化-お知らせb.png

Following nicely with LW's plans for 2018, this series of quests will focus around the strengthening of individual skills, improving activation rates and/or effects. However, like everything else, there's specific conditions that have to be met, and apply:

  • before starting the quest, set your leader to the unit who has the skill in question. As an example, Protagonist 3star icon.png Protagonist would have to be the very first unit (leader) in your party.
  • afterwards, these quests can't be redone with the same individual unit.
  • however, different variants and rarities can be redone, because:
  • finally, these improvements only apply to the individual unit; the quest would have to be redone if you, for example (if Beastman ever did get a fix), want your Moritaka ☆5 to also have the improvement you just did with Moritaka ☆4.

LW will be targetting a specific set of eight skills initially.

Plans for 2018


LifeWonders revealed their plans for the new year, but details, such as dates and specifics of some of the new features, are still unknown.

  • A new daily objectives/missions, rewarding items, such as Stamina Drinks, Transient Stone, and Limit Break materials, for tasks like clearing specific quests, leveling units to a certain point, and such (similar to Animal Crossing Pocket Camp's timed and stretch goals).
  • Changes to stamina, going to 1 stamina per 8 minutes (instead of 10), as well as stamina overfilling above the cap when ranked up (similar to how stamina overflows when consuming Stamina Drinks.
  • Skill Strengthening Quests to make specific skills better, be it through activation chances or effects. LW is planning on implementing this for eight to ten skills, including Castaway and Protector.
  • Harder quests containing bosses from Main Quest chapters 2 through 4 that will give special rewards.
  • Additionally, new quests involving gimmicks, such as relations between units, are expected.
  • Expanding the implementations of companion skins
  • Separate from team formations, a feature will be added to set units for each attribute for support.
  • Expansion of My Guild features such as playing BGMs and allowing units to be scaled up or down.
  • Other QoL changes to make the battle screen easier to read, making discerning attribute units not just by color.
  • Translation of Main Quests up to Chapter 5 in English and Chinese (both simplified and traditional).
  • 「Summopedia vol.1」 will contain illustrations of characters and settings/stories that have and have yet to appear in-game. Whether this is a physical release (such as a manga) or a digital release isn't clear.

As usual, details will be added when announced.

What is Tokyo Afterschool Summoners?

「Tokyo Afterschool Summoners」 is a mobile "Card Battle RPG" developed by LifeWonders for both iOS and Android. Gain cards by Summoning, strengthen your favorite character cards, defeat enemies and advance through the story.

The player can choose from up to 5 appearances and/or voices for their main character, and either Male, Female, or Other.

The game launched in December 2016. Currently the game is only in Japanese with no English patch available. However, there's an internal English translation; it's automatically detected based on system language and/or timezone.

How to Play


In order to play Tokyo Afterschool Summoners on a non-Japanese phone, one must first download and install QooApp ( and then search for Lifewonders, or through the Play Store either through:

  • Creating a separate account whose location is set to Japan
  • Logging into an account with access to the Japanese Play Store, having it cache, and using your main account.
  • (Inconsistent) clearing Play Store cache, connecting through a VPN routed through Japan, and logging into Play Store.


  • The game is available to download for free in the app store.


Service for iOS began on December 2nd, 2016
Service for Android began on December 16th, 2016


Bear in mind that this wiki is actively a work in progress; the server may be a bit sluggish.

For requesting help, be it about the game itself or the wiki, please consult Help on best places to ask for it.

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Anonymous user #1

one month ago
Score 0++
For android users, if you use the QooApp website rather than downloading the QooApp's app, will Tokyo afterschool summoners still update? or you need the app to update.

Anonymous user #2

one month ago
Score 0++
You would need to manually update.

Anonymous user #3

one month ago
Score 1++

>in a husbando thread on /v/


Anonymous user #4

one month ago
Score 0++

Is there a chance that romaji transliterations of certain dialogue pieces will be included in the wiki pages? I'm very interested in the chant for invoking your role and rule (I think that the protagonist's for example is "Rooru de wa ryusha, ruuru wa aridan").

That making sense to you?


one month ago
Score 0++

Whenever there's a comprehensive list for Roles and Rules, but it'll just have original + translated + official English as we've been doing lately with Research Files.

Again, that's when there's a comprehensive list, as Roles and Rules would require a massive amount of sifting to gather them all, as they pop up some of the time but not all the time.

Anonymous user #5

one month ago
Score 0++
I’d like to see a girl character with strike as weapon type :D

Anonymous user #6

20 days ago
Score 0++
I just downloaded the new update off of qooapp but the game is leading to a black screen whenever I click on it. Does anyone else get this issue? I'm playing on a kindle of that's important

Anonymous user #6

20 days ago
Score 0++
Edit: I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and nothing worked, any help would be appreciated


20 days ago
Score 0++

Ever since the most recent update (May 1) I can't log in and I keep getting this error right here > fzmclif.png



20 days ago
Score 0++
You simply have to update the app, from the store ( or qooapp if you're on android )

Anonymous user #10

one day 13 hours 58 minutes ago
Score 0++
That happen to me, and I don't know what to do now :(.I've tried download the app, but isn't working . Please help.

Anonymous user #7

20 days ago
Score 0++

Adding the comment system is a mistake.

At least add an option to hide the comments so that I don't have to cringe every time I want to look up some info on transients.


20 days ago
Score 0++
dont scroll down then

Anonymous user #8

20 days ago
Score 0++
There are times when you scrolled too fast to the bottom or accidentally scrolled down.

Anonymous user #9

20 days ago
Score 0++
Sounds like a personal problem to me.

Anonymous user #4

6 days ago
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In case any of you enjoys the site, Housamo’s TVTropes page is starting to get updated again. :3 It now has Laconic, YMMV and WMG pages!
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