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NOTE: This page currently under construction.

(This page is for Kengo strategy guide. For the standard Kengo page, click here.)


Adapted with permission from the Housamo Gameplay-Based Tier List. Remove this disclaimer when Overview is sufficiently modified.

☆3/☆4 Kengo

Kengo is purely and solely 1.00x ATK penaltyBlow with the pros and cons of said range, said which extends to even the Charge skill. Infinitude is nice as an unique buff and can add up to other offensive buffs, with it raising his stable damage considerably and Guts will help his survivability greatly as an insurance to prevent KOs, but the fact he will always be Strike makes it hard to approach him to the fullest and gives him something a lot other units can do better or have much more to them, not to mention the fact he relies on the momentum LB3 gives as well as his Charge, which also suffers from the same range.

☆5 Kengo

Kengo is vastly superior to his other versions, owning the always-useful Guts buff and retaining his currently personal LB2, a pretty good and fairly unique offensive buff that stacks with about any other offensive buff buff. LB3 is what defines his potent performance damage-wise with proper positioning and party, it can quickly break any character who'd like a push in damage. His Charge is helped by LB2 damage-wise, but it being Charge makes its buff a waste, being only barely saved by CP Up which isn’t much because it’s still Pierce-ranged. Overall a character that makes worth the space it takes and does it very well, but having one largely situational skill and Infinitude self-damaging properties may be an issue. Remember that due to Critical duration being short, it’s recommended to slot him in the 1st or 2nd slot of the party.


Adapted with permission from the Housamo Gameplay-Based Tier List. Remove this disclaimer when Highlights is sufficiently modified.

☆3/☆4 Kengo

Class: Bruiser

Gameplay Role:


+ LB2 offers KO insurance through Guts.

+ Good damage on his Charge through LB3.


- Purely and solely Strike regardless of 3☆ or 4☆, Strike is a difficult range to work with since it’s easily outclassed.

- LB1 has a very situational effect.

- Charge has the same Strike range issues and offers an extremely underwhelming effect.

☆5 Kengo

Class: Glass Cannon, Offensive Support

Gameplay Role:


+ Default Guts serves as KO insurance against the odds.

+ LB2 Infinitude is a currently personal buff that greatly augments his damage, which can easily stack with any other offensive buff.

+ LB3 Critical to his horizontal allies and him ensures a dramatic boost in damage that nearly everyone (that lacks it) approaches. Consider him as leader in order to approach Crit given its short-lived nature.


- LB1 is usually useless, even if it’s not too uncommon to find users with this skill.

- Infinitude damage to self can quickly stack, with no way to naturally increase his own resilience.

- Charge isn’t much worth noting past possible damage and perhaps CP effects.

Gameplay Role

Example gameplay role breakdown.

Stats and Seed Usage

Unit Max HP (unseeded) Max HP (seeded) Max ATK (unseeded) Max ATK (seeded) Max normal ATK per square (unseeded) Max normal ATK per square (seeded) Max CS ATK per square (unseeded, SALV1) Max CS ATK per square (seeded, SALV1)
Icon frame rarity 3.pngAether element icon.pngBlow weapon icon.png 6163 8148 3411 4947 3411 4947 6821 9893
Icon frame rarity 4.pngAether element icon.pngBlow weapon icon.png 6791 8734 4724 6394 4724 6394 14173 19183
Icon frame rarity 5.pngAether element icon.pngThrust weapon icon.png 7790 9682 5260 6903 2893 3797 11572 15186

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Team Synergy

Example synergy class

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Checks and Counters

Example counter

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Teambuilding Options

This section consists of user-submitted builds that may not necessarily be viable for high level quests.

Arbitrary Team Name

Team Details (submitted by UserName)


【Moveslut, CP Battery】

【Healer, Tank】

【Support unit】

【example of variant call】
Anyone / no one
Cost: ≥X

Example team function description.

Gameplay examples