Flirting Expertise

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Flirting Expertise
Kinoshita Jiroh
効果1Increases ATK by 300~600
波乱万乗フンパクテンポウジンNo additional CS effects
[After Attacking] -200~-500 HP to enemies at target. / 100%
[Special Attack] Icon status kuzushi.png Break (x140%) / 100%
Element water.pngWATER
Translated from Japanese
"Hey! Hey, cutie over there! Wanna go for a surf with Typhon-chan and my buddy here~?"

"Whaddya say? The two of us will make sure to keep you entertained. Buhehe."

An odd couple made up of one who whips the sea into frenzied storms, and one who calmly commands the sea with naval expertise. It could be said they are a duo that complements one another perfectly, covering the other's weaknesses when it comes to any situation at sea. However, the same cannot be said for their weaknesses in chasing tail. Because the “compensation” common to both of them is “the love you seek cannot be obtained”.

Official Japanese
「へーい、そこのカワイコちゃーん! テュポちゃんたちと一緒に波、のらへんか?」

「後悔……は知らねえけど、退屈だけはさせねえぜ、ぶひひっ」 片や、海をひっくり返す者、片や、海を凪がせる者の凸凹コンビ。 海においてはいかなる状況においても、お互いの足りぬ部分を補い合う名コンビ、だとも言える。 ただし、ナンパにおいてはこれ程に相性の悪い組み合わせもあるまい。 なぜなら、両者の在り方に共通する「代償」は、「求めた愛は得られない」。


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No. 3087
one month ago
Score 0++

How can someone say No with that cute expression coming from Typhon?

Not to mention his fingers looks huge!
No. 3065
one month ago
Score 0++
Typhon and Ganglie are seen teasing someone. Are they teasing the MC?
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