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The Game is a competition held between the 23 wards of Tokyo that would determine which guild will have hierarchy over all other guilds, and thus whose Rules reign supreme. It can also refer more specifically to the competition between the worlds of the different Gates, with representatives of each world leading the guilds they use to compete in the Game.

Multiple Games

The Game has started and ended several times because it is set up to loop by the App. When a Game ends, the environment within Tokyo's Walls is reset and the Game begins anew. Memories of all individuals are lost, with the exception of individuals who have formed a connection outside of Tokyo, as well as individuals with Sacred Artifacts that act as pillars.


The purpose of the Game is to consolidate all 24 mythologies into one, as theorized by Shuichi. The reasons for why the worlds of the 23 different wards vie for control is unclear; however, it may be due to Tokyo been a hub for control over all connected worlds. Thus, winning The Game may mean holding hierarchy over all 23 worlds in Tokyo, as well as Tokyo itself.

It is also unknown why multiple Games need to be played, and why one Game is not decisive enough.


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