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(This page is for Taromaiti strategy guide. For the standard Taromaiti page, click here.)


Adapted with permission from the Housamo Gameplay-Based Tier List. Remove this disclaimer when Overview is sufficiently modified.

Taromaiti is a little odd, Default is mainly situational, loosely followed by LB1 and LB2, just like Marchosias, LB2 is a tricky skill to pull off and benefits the most from good positioning and natural back-line allies, which gives a good damage reduction. LB3 seems to have a lot going on for it, but generally the huge CP Down part isn't always approached since enemies aren't prone to having much CP to begin with, the flat damage is generally not as good as straight-up boosted damage, making its most rewarding bit the Curse part, which is great on its own. She definitely needs backup to be good though, since she essentially lacks raw power and supports through slightly unconventional ways, which need her to be hit and ultimately only has Curse and Charge to be of any consideration. Due to LB2, consider the likes of Ranged and/or Mage allies, which tend to be behind their frontliners.


Adapted with permission from the Housamo Gameplay-Based Tier List. Remove this disclaimer when Highlights is sufficiently modified.

Class: Bruiser, Defensive Support

Gameplay Role:


+ A fantastic LB3, turning her into a great Curse applier, drains huge amounts of CP and passes to have a solid flat damage added to her damage.

+ Fairly good LB2 to protect backline allies, paired with LB3 Curse, she can reduce enemy damage considerably.

+ A nice Charge that can be good to remove obnoxious enemy buffs.


- Default is generally not approached due to being heavily situational.

- Both LB1 and LB2 take getting hit, with only LB3 Curse to mitigate incoming damage, otherwise she’s only standardly durable and needs allies behind her to approach LB2 at all.

Gameplay Role

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Stats and Seed Usage

Unit Max HP (unseeded) Max HP (seeded) Max ATK (unseeded) Max ATK (seeded) Max normal ATK per square (unseeded) Max normal ATK per square (seeded) Max CS ATK per square (unseeded, SALV1) Max CS ATK per square (seeded, SALV1)
Icon frame rarity 3.pngAether element icon.pngThrust weapon icon.png 5934 7874 4000 5642 2200 3103 4400 6206
Icon frame rarity 4.pngAether element icon.pngThrust weapon icon.png 6637 8550 4626 6285 2544 3457 7633 10370

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Team Synergy

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Checks and Counters

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Teambuilding Options

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Arbitrary Team Name

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【Moveslut, CP Battery】

【Healer, Tank】

【Support unit】

【example of variant call】
Anyone / no one
Cost: ≥X

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