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Myostosis / Forget-Me-Not

As to the name of the item "勿忘草" (Forget Me Not), the idea of an item called "Forget-Me-Not" to break up a relationship (be it one sided or reciprocated) seems counter intuitive. Wikipedia lists uses such as:

  • medieval-era ladies wore myosotis as a symbol of faithfulness
The ability to have one unit loved by multiple contradicts the item to be name "Forget-Me-Not", yet supports the argument that the lover consumes the flower.
  • Renaissance-era Germany supposed those who donned the flower would not be forgotten by their lover
This also contradicts the role of the item and the supporting above evidence.
  • Biblical tellings of Genesis tells of a flower who wished to not be forgotten
This, however, can be interpreted either way as to who's the giver/receiver.

In the news update, instances of 勿忘草 lists わすれなぐさ as furigana.