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This article is about the story term System. For a basic run-down of the game mechanics, go to Getting Started.

A System is poorly defined, but has been described as something like a framework and protocol that a world has to deal with entities foreign to the world. This would include how the world permits Rules to override its own laws of physics. It is unclear if only one System exists across all worlds, or if each world has their own unique System. The System is set in place by the App.

Protocols of the System

In Tokyo, Rules with similar powers cannot be applied at the same time and place. Examples include the following:

Outside of the System

Anything that fails to be covered by the System's protocol is said to be outside of the System. For example, in Tokyo, while Rules are permitted to overwrite its own laws of physics, no protocol is in place for conflicting Rules, which would cause an Exception.

Not all things outside of the System are necessarily Exceptions. For example, Black Storm may or may not be considered an Exception. Black Storm fell out of the System because the System had no protocol for foreign individuals of similar mythologies coexisting in Tokyo. As a result, it was not able to stably maintain its memories, presumably because it could only maintain the memories of Typhon in the world.


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