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(This page is for Kalki strategy guide. For the standard Kalki page, click here.)


Adapted with permission from the Housamo Gameplay-Based Tier List. Remove this disclaimer when Overview is sufficiently modified.

Kalki manages to impress with his skillset, boosting his own damage with Berserk and sharing an offensive buff with his allies thanks to LB1, LB2 allows anything behind him to easily abuse “when damaged” skills thanks to Evasion being a broken defensive buff. Kalki also has a good effect on his charge skill, it won't always be approached, but shines in situations where he’s under ailments since LB3 doesn’t apply to him. His issue lies in Berserk cutting his endurance short by a lot and not having ways to mitigate its negatives, making LB2 and LB3 more of a bonus that won't always be put to good use, with LB2 having stronger, much more viable competition. Consider someone who can apply defensive buffs to let him reach considerable potential.


Adapted with permission from the Housamo Gameplay-Based Tier List. Remove this disclaimer when Highlights is sufficiently modified.

Class: Glass Cannon, Defensive Support

Gameplay Role:


+ Default Berserk amplifies his damage considerably while trading off for terrible durability

+ LB1 Fighting Spirit for his allies almost on demand is great to amplify their damage.

+ LB2 is great to protect anyone he may have behind him by almost nullifying the damage they’d take.

+ LB3 Cleanse serves well to shrug off his allies’ ailments, with Charge doing something similar and packing considerable damage thanks to Default.


- Berserk makes his durability horrible, what with half of his skills requiring him to be hit despite their great effects.

- Charge effects can end up situational, if misused because of his LB3 effects doing something similar.

Gameplay Role

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Stats and Seed Usage

Unit Max HP (unseeded) Max HP (seeded) Max ATK (unseeded) Max ATK (seeded) Max normal ATK per square (unseeded) Max normal ATK per square (seeded) Max CS ATK per square (unseeded, SALV1) Max CS ATK per square (seeded, SALV1)
Icon frame rarity 3.pngAether element icon.pngSlash weapon icon.png 7024 9147 2847 4296 1281 1933 2562 3866
Icon frame rarity 4.pngAether element icon.pngSlash weapon icon.png 7914 10025 3535 5024 1591 2261 4772 6783

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Teambuilding Options

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