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(This page is for Jambavan strategy guide. For the standard Jambavan page, click here.)


☆3/☆4 Jambavan

Adapted with permission from the Housamo Gameplay-Based Tier List. Remove this disclaimer when Overview:☆3/☆4 Jambavan is sufficiently modified.

A traditional healer, but surprisingly different in performance in comparison to most others, Jambavan gives a pretty considerable heal to whatever ally is in front of him and also removes most of their ailments, pair this with the fact nearly all of his skills are basically on demand by moving, and he may prove worth being moved around. LB3 Insight is given through attacking things compared to other trigger methods, which allow him to sit and act as a form of Insight+CP pseudo-battery, allowing for some curious interactions for allies with low-ish rates. His downsides lie in the fact that, besides LB3, all of his skills crave for him to be moved and have someone in front of him, with Default heal being possible to outdo without some defensive buffs on said ally. That and his Charge offering Blessing at its poorest effect, which isn’t going to do much to note, it also somehow applies to enemies hit (which probably only benefits 5☆ Harlot), which isn’t any better.

☆4 Nightmare Jambavan

Jambavan (Nightmare) has largely abandoned his supportive ways so he can stay alive in an endless torrent of work. His increased mobility lets him position the whole team most turns, giving him extra CP and Tenacity, which lets him tank hits to apply Curse and gain the elusive Berserk+. With the increased damage his All-range Charge hits reasonably hard for how quickly he can build it up, and the Guts allows him to play risky despite the extra Berserk vulnerability to get it again. The kit synergizes in a cool way, but needing to take hits just for a chance to start doing damage is a bit of an ask when many units have buffs that are just as powerful with no drawbacks. Still, fast All-range Charge should not be dismissed lightly. If you can find the right units to stack offensive buffs on him without moving, he can get very scary very quickly.


Adapted with permission from the Housamo Gameplay-Based Tier List. Remove this disclaimer when Highlights is sufficiently modified.

☆3/☆4 Jambavan

Class: Healer, Defensive Support

Gameplay Role:


+ Very considerable heal from Default to any frontliner of choice, along with wearing off their ailments through LB1.

+ Traditional increased durability through LB2 Tenacity on demand.

+ LB3 is great to push some CP around and increase his allies’ proc rates thanks to Insight, which makes room for curious interactions.


- ¾ of his skills need him to move, with his range being exclusive to whatever is in front of him in trade off to how big the effects can be.

- Despite the big heal, it can be fairly easy to outdone without outside support from defensive buffs.

- Charge isn’t particularly good, it also applies to enemies he hits, which isn’t any better (except for Babalon to abuse).

☆4 Nightmare Jambavan

Class: Bruiser

Gameplay Role: Damage Dealer


+ Default, LB1, and LB3 all give CP to add up to a very quick All-range Charge, which itself grants extra CP for the next use.

+ LB1 Tenacity on demand is crucial to activating LB2 and surviving once you have.

+ Extra horizontal movement and Rev/Curse provide minor support for teammates.

+ Berserk+ is only a small debuff compared to its unupgraded counterpart and its uniqueness is great for stacking with more common offensive buffs.


- Requires frequent movement to activate LB1 and avoid the negative effect of LB3.

- Proc rate on LB2 is underwhelming compared to other damage/debuff skills.

- Charge only applies Guts and needs offensive support to reach its damage potential.

Gameplay Role

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Stats and Seed Usage

Unit Max HP (unseeded) Max HP (seeded) Max ATK (unseeded) Max ATK (seeded) Max normal ATK per square (unseeded) Max normal ATK per square (seeded) Max CS ATK per square (unseeded, SALV1) Max CS ATK per square (seeded, SALV1)
Icon frame rarity 3.pngAether element icon.pngThrust weapon icon.png 6479 8509 3331 4861 1832 2674 1865 2722
Icon frame rarity 4.pngAether element icon.pngMagic weapon icon.png 7461 9501 3618 5135 1013 1438 3039 4313
Icon frame rarity 4.pngWater element icon.pngThrust weapon icon.png 6616 8523 4649 6282 2557 3455 1395 1884

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