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As long as you upkeep the quality and consistency of the wiki, I have no gripes as to what yall do; I appreciate any and all contributions (since it means I/Raku doesn't have to do it). However, to address my concerns on how to get adequate response times for questions (be it about the game itself or the wiki), here are some ways to get in touch with us:

   Pros: No account required. 
   Cons: Requires me or anyone else to check periodically.
  • User talk pages for those who already have a wiki account
   Pros: Easily noticeable through Recent Changes, can see who asks and answers what.
   Cons: Requires an account, inconsistent formatting, can be missed if there's too many changes, also requires babysitting.
  • Contacting a user, as pretty much those who left their Discord and other contact information on their user page have some way to reach me or my cohort too.
   Pros: Nearly instant response, as for sure I'm always reachable.
   Cons: Not everyone does have a Discord (although you can make throwaways easily).
  • Email: don't.
   While it's there on the main page (, don't expect a response as I never check it.

Just my two cents on how to contact someone about housamo things, as I feel communication is the wiki's weakest point.

Also, if there's that much of a need or want, I could also whip up a Discord server for discussion, but I feel there's no real need or demand for it (I felt hesitant setting up, but it's no waste of resources for me), also it would destroy whatever magic there is to (shilling) discussing the game on /v/. See the Discord section to join the server.