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This is a list of all VALIANT companions currently in the game.

Icon NameWeapon typeBase HPBase ATKHP at Lv 60ATK at Lv 60Base skill (Def.)Base skill (LB1)Base skill (LB2)Base skill (LB3)Charge skill
Valiant Mermaid 2star icon.png Valiant Mermaid ?1914964223351周囲に集中を撒く者 動かぬ者(縦横)敵専用 Skill封印されない者 N/A50pxディストーションウェーブ
Seth 3star icon.png Seth Magic42017861283810Traveler Wind Manipulator Forgotten One Traveler's GuardianWeapon Spread Magic.pngChaotic RestraintIfet Im Pat
Seth 4star icon.png Seth Magic72251864294076Traveler Wind Manipulator Forgotten One ShepherdWeapon Spread Magic.pngChaotic RestraintIfet Im Pat
Horkeu Kamui 5star icon.png Horkeu Kamui Slash163284466794555Cleaver of the Frozen Stars Vanguard Mountain Dweller 拵に宿れる者Weapon Spread Magic.pngGallant Guardian
Hogen 5star icon.png Hogen Shot185082366824802Duality Wielder Hearty Drunkard Conqueror of Heavens Militaristic TenguWeapon Spread Long Slash.pngBlade of Stratagem

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