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This is a list of all VALIANT companions currently in the game.

Icon NameWeapon typeBase HPBase ATKHP at Lv 60ATK at Lv 60Base skill (Def.)Base skill (LB1)Base skill (LB2)Base skill (LB3)Charge skill
Seth Magic42017861283810Traveler Wind Manipulator Forgotten One Traveler's GuardianWeapon Spread Magic.pngChaotic RestraintIfet Im Pat
Seth Magic72251864294076Traveler Wind Manipulator Forgotten One ShepherdWeapon Spread Magic.pngChaotic RestraintIfet Im Pat
Oniwaka (Setsubun)Long Slash172567573093881Oath Maker of Three Generations Attainer of the Six Realms Interceptor of Karma Holder of Great DesiresWeapon Spread Thrust.pngOne Oni ArmoryRavenous Hunter
Horkeu Kamui Slash163284466794555Cleaver of the Frozen Stars Vanguard Mountain Dweller Adorning OneWeapon Spread Magic.pngGallant Guardian
Hogen (Summer Festival)Shot185082366824802Duality Wielder Rampager Conquerer of the Heavens Militaristic TenguWeapon Spread Long Slash.pngBlade of Stratagem
Gullinbursti Blow40030052773732信念を曲げぬ者 Fey Folk Back to the Front HowlerWeapon Spread Thrust.png猪突妄進スリーズルグタンニ
Gullinbursti Slash65070059784493信念を曲げぬ者 Feller of Giants Back to the Front 鬨を上げる者Weapon Spread Thrust.png猪突妄進スリーズルグタンニ
Algernon Thrust31029055304342Mechaman Payback Time Leaper JanitorWeapon Spread Shot.pngDesperate Dreams in an Iron CurseFlowers For Graves
Algernon Thrust66054058014610Mechaman Payback Time Leaper Stainless SteelWeapon Spread Shot.pngDesperate Dreams in an Iron CurseFlowers For Graves

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